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Kidzania Dubai

Where Kids Rule the World


Posted: 3 months ago | Feb 6, 2024 8:51

Nestled in the heart of Dubai's bustling cityscape lies KidZania Dubai, an innovative edutainment center designed exclusively for children. Situated within The Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping and entertainment destinations, KidZania offers a unique and interactive experience that allows children to explore the adult world through role-playing in a meticulously constructed city built just for them.


A City Where Children Lead

KidZania Dubai is more than just an amusement park; it's a fully functioning city scaled down to kid size, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, and a self-contained economy. Children aged 4 to 16 are invited to don the hats of various professionals, from firefighters and pilots to doctors and television producers, in over 80 role-playing activities. Each experience is designed to educate and inspire, blending learning with play in an environment that encourages independence, teamwork, and self-esteem.


The KidZania Experience

Upon entering KidZania, children are given 50 KidZos (the city's currency) to manage and grow through various jobs, teaching them the value of work and money management. The city includes a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio station, supermarket, and much more, all providing an immersive experience that mirrors real-life professions and activities.


Learning Through Play

KidZania's unique approach to education allows children to explore their interests and talents in a safe and supportive environment. Each activity is crafted to match real-world professions and is supervised by trained adults, ensuring a learning experience that is both authentic and secure.


Beyond Role-Playing

While the primary draw of KidZania is its role-playing adventures, the city also offers a range of facilities to enhance the experience:

  • KidZania Space Center: A recent addition, the Space Center offers a glimpse into the life of astronauts and space exploration, expanding the educational horizon into the universe.
  • The KidZania Theatre: Here, children can explore their artistic side, participating in plays, dance performances, and other cultural activities.
  • Eating Outlets: KidZania hosts a variety of child-friendly restaurants and caf├ęs, offering healthy and delicious meals to keep the young citizens energized.


Plan Your Visit to KidZania Dubai

Location: Level 2, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: KidZania operates daily, but hours vary, so it's best to check the official website or contact the center directly for the current schedule.

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KidZania Dubai offers a dynamic platform for children to explore, learn, and grow in an environment that is both entertaining and educational. It's a city where imagination knows no bounds, and every visit promises a new adventure. Whether your child dreams of flying an airplane, performing surgery, or hosting their own radio show, KidZania provides the tools and the stage for those dreams to take flight. So why wait? Embark on a journey to KidZania Dubai, where fun and learning go hand in hand, and watch your child embrace the joy of discovery in a world designed just for them.