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Oli Oli | An Experimental Children Museum Dubai

Nurturing Young Minds Through Playful Exploration


Posted: 4 months ago | 2024-02-07 12:45

Nestled in the heart of Dubai is a haven for young minds to unleash their creativity, curiosity, and imagination – Oli Oli, the experimental children's museum. This unique destination is a celebration of learning through play, offering a world where kids can explore, create, and discover in an environment designed just for them. Join us on a journey through the wonders of Oli Oli, where education meets excitement in a setting tailored to captivate and inspire.

Interactive Exhibits for Boundless Exploration: 

Oli Oli stands out as a beacon of experiential learning, where children are encouraged to engage with hands-on exhibits that ignite their passion for discovery. From the Toshi's Net climbing structure that promotes physical activity to the Future Park, where digital art comes to life through interactive installations, every corner of Oli Oli is crafted to stimulate young minds and foster a love for learning.

The Creative Lab: 

Unleashing Artistic Expression: Young artists find their haven in Oli Oli's Creative Lab, a space dedicated to unleashing artistic expression. Through various workshops and activities, children can experiment with different art forms, from painting and sculpting to digital art. The Creative Lab is a testament to Oli Oli's commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering a sense of confidence in every child.

Water Works

A Splash of Science and Fun: For the water enthusiasts, Oli Oli's Water Works provides a dynamic experience where science and play converge. Kids can engage in water-themed experiments, learning about the principles of physics and fluid dynamics while having a splashing good time. Water Works is a favorite among young learners, offering a refreshing approach to science education.

Contact Details: 


Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE

 Phone: +971 4 702 7300

 Email: hello@olioli.ae

Plan Your Visit:

 Oli Oli welcomes families and school groups alike, providing a safe and stimulating environment for children of all ages. Plan your visit today and witness the joy of learning as your child embarks on a journey of discovery within the vibrant walls of Oli Oli.

 Oli Oli stands as a testament to Dubai's commitment to nurturing young minds through the power of play and exploration. As a beacon of educational innovation, this experimental children's museum offers a space where curiosity knows no bounds. Bring your little ones to Oli Oli for an immersive experience that sparks a lifelong love for learning and creativity.