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Kite Beach

Ride the Waves, Savor the Bites, Soak up the Sun


Posted: 8 months ago | 2023-10-30 07:54

Fancy a stroll or a brisk jog along the shore? The 14km track at Kite Beach awaits. Or perhaps a moonlit swim? With new robust floodlights and vigilant lifeguards on duty, sections of Kite Beach welcome swimmers from dusk till dawn, besides the regular day hours. This sandy haven, with the grand Burj Al Arab Jumeirah adorning the skyline, is a canvas for whatever beach activity your heart desires.


A short hop from the waves, a variety of laid-back dining spots, shops, and food trucks are ready to satiate your hunger. Be sure to indulge in delightful sliders and a lotus shake at the famed SALT. Elevate your beach day by securing a pass with Sole Mio, granting you cozy sun loungers and complimentary food delivery from nearby eateries.


Kite Beach, nestled near the Jumeirah locale, is a Dubai favorite, beckoning the sun-thirsty, the culinary curious, and the sports-minded. The beach, free to all, is a proving ground for watersport enthusiasts, offering a myriad of adventures with top-tier equipment for hire right on the sand. Dive into kitesurfing, wakeboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding, or perhaps a spirited game of beach volleyball on the shore is more your speed. The welcoming ambiance here is a playground for forming new friendships and enjoying either the thrill of active endeavors or the tranquility of a chilled atmosphere.


Ticketing and Reservation Details:

Entrance to Kite Beach is open to all, with no reservation required nor any entry fee, making it an inviting spot for all.