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Al Mamzar Beach Park

Explore a Vast Beach Oasis: The Perfect Family Retreat!


Posted: 7 months ago | 2023-10-30 14:42

Al Mamzar Beach Park, sprawled across 106 hectares, unveils a sun-kissed haven featuring five immaculate beaches and three refreshing pools for families to revel in. Before your toes touch the soft, white sand, a scenic stroll across lush lawns and along meandering foot and bike trails flanked by graceful palm trees sets the mood for a day of relaxation and fun.


Leisure and Dining at Al Mamzar:

Al Mamzar is more than just a beach; it's a space where relaxation meets recreation. Kids have a realm to explore with a designated play area and an open amphitheatre that frequently hosts engaging events. When hunger pangs hit, numerous food kiosks dotting the park and nearby cafeterias offer a quick refuel. For a delightful Mediterranean meal, venture to the neighboring eateries or drop by the nearby FiLLi Cafe. Those preferring a cozy picnic can find solace in the park's expansive grassy patches, making it ideal for a barbecue session amidst a scenic backdrop of over 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees, and expansive green expanses. A touch of luxury awaits too, with rentable, air-conditioned chalets for a VIP beach experience.


Visiting Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Being the city's pioneer integrated leisure destination, Al Mamzar Beach Park merges the allure of beach and park amenities seamlessly. Open daily from 8 am to 10 pm, with extended hours over the weekend, a minimal entry fee of AED5 grants you access to this beach paradise. Advanced bookings for chalets or other facilities can be made on the official website to ensure a hassle-free sun-soaked outing.


Getting to Al Mamzar Beach Park:

While the Dubai Metro doesn't connect directly to Al Mamzar, a short bus ride from Al Qiyadah Metro Station on the Green Line gets you there. Bus lines C15 and C28 are your go-to options, with detailed schedules available on rta.ae. If driving, take Exit 69 from Al Ittihad Road/E11, follow the signs to Mamzar Beach Park, with landmarks like Dubai International Bowling Centre and Century Mall guiding your way. A quick glimpse on Google Maps can provide a preview of your journey to this beach retreat.