Pristine Private School


Pristine Private School (PPS) founded in 1992, is committed to the education of students from Kindergarten to Year 12, in a challenging and supportive setting. PPS serves children of multi ethnic and multi national backgrounds. It is a learning community where children develop a balance between academic proficiency and individual creativity, and emerge as socially responsible individuals. The school fosters an enriching environment where children can learn to become more aware and responsible to themselves and the choices they make.

The 'Pristinians' are encouraged to be adept with the latest knowledge of the world around them, be it intellectual, social, moral, ethical or physical. The school's primary aim is to focus on all dimensions of each child's development that takes place in the early years which is the most formative, significant and valuable period of a child's life on which the edifice of all future education is built.

The school has its own purpose-built centrally air-conditioned campus in Al Nahda 2, an area of Deira, Dubai, easily accessible from Sharjah and the Northern Emirates too. The academic blocks consist of spacious class rooms, science and computers laboratories, rich libraries, fully equipped Nurse's Station, Art Studios, Multi purpose grand auditorium, Outdoor play areas, Swimming Pool facility and a fully equipped sports ground.

We are a school based on modern conceptual learning, which anticipates the future in all its readiness and shares it with tomorrow's generation. The school's philosophy is based on personalized attention through developmentally appropriate and challenging learning activities in order to encourage positive self-esteem and emotional well being of each child. It offers children an opportunity to learn and develop in a secure, creative and stimulating environment. Focusing on "HANDS ON" teaching methodology in the Kindergarten stage, students gain the necessary skills and knowledge by initiating and actively participating in the learning process.

The staff at “PPS” is committed to educate all students with skills to achieve their highest level of academic performance, while fostering positive growth in social / emotional behaviors and attitudes enabling each student to achieve a successful transition from childhood to adulthood.

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