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Wadi Sahem - Al Hayl Fort and Water Springs

Trail to Tranquility: Discover History and Nature at Al Hayl Fort


Posted: 7 months ago | 2023-11-13 23:10

Discover the captivating 9.3-km out-and-back trail near Al Fujayrah in Fujairah, a journey that blends moderate challenge with natural beauty. On average, explorers take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to traverse this path, making it a perfect choice for a day hike. While it's a favored spot for hiking enthusiasts, its timing and location offer moments of peaceful solitude.


Starting from Wadi Shame, this trail promises an intriguing hike leading to Al Hayl Fort. The path features rocky terrain and largely unshaded stretches, offering a genuine outdoor experience. Al Hayl Fort itself is a unique attraction, distinct from other forts in the region. Friendly locals are often willing to open the fort for visitors, adding a touch of cultural immersion to the adventure. Along the way, you'll encounter refreshing water springs, a delightful sight where you can observe tadpoles and enjoy the serene ambiance of nature. This trail not only offers a physical journey but also a chance to connect with the historical and natural aspects of the region.


Length: 9.3 km

Elevation gain: 318 m

Route type: Out & Back