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Samar Trail

Journey Through Serenity: Hike the Hidden Trails of Al Qir


Posted: 8 months ago | 2023-11-13 12:10

Discover the 5.5-km loop trail near Al Qir, Ras al-Khaimah, a moderately challenging route that typically takes about 1 hour and 57 minutes to complete. This popular hiking destination promises encounters with fellow nature enthusiasts.


The journey begins just beyond the parking lot, starting from a farm. It kicks off as an easy walk, featuring gentle ascents and descents, free of technical challenges or steep paths. Along the way, hikers are treated to the stunning scenery of Jabal Jais. The final kilometer presents a mild increase in difficulty, marked by slight steepness and slippery rocks, adding a bit of adventure to the experience.


Length: 5.5 km

Elevation gain: 284 m

Route type: Loop