Dubai National School - Al Twar


The core of our philosophy has been derived from the basic pillars of the U.A.E, society and from the General Objectives of the National Educational Policy. The uniqueness of Dubai National School is through having Islamic beliefs and practices as essential elements in its programs. The Muslim students are encouraged to practice the Islamic faith within the context of the modern American educational system. They are continuously instructed to have a spirit of religious tolerance. We believe that: 1. Moral Education is primarily the responsibility of parents, then the school, the community and the media. 2. Education is a continuous process as stipulated by our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), “Seek Education from the Cradle to the Grave”. 3. Our international educational programs should be well-organized to provide disciplined and challenging education which will prepare students for post high school opportunities. 4. As a school we subscribe to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child as adopted by the United Nations; “Each child, as a unique individual, regardless of his/her ethnic background, should enjoy special protection, be given opportunities and facilities to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in a healthy and appropriate manner in conditions of freedom and dignity”. 5. Academic emphasis should be matched and balanced with moral values, athletics and arts to enable students to develop their talents and hobbies. 6. Continuous development of all administrative and teaching staff is a must.

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