North London Collegiate


NLCS Dubai brings a unique educational offering to families in the region, combining a rich heritage with academic excellence and inspirational subject teaching.

Whilst it’s true that NLCS in the UK regularly tops the national league tables of results, and it’s also true that it is consistently the highest performing school in the UK for the IB Diploma, there is, of course, so much more to NLCS than excellent results.

There is a certain ‘alchemy’ at work in NLCS schools, which combines an ambitious academic education with pastoral care that truly values each individual and a range of extra-curricular activities that caters for every possible interest and talent. ‘Everyone matters’ at NLCS schools, and that means that every individual is well-known, is valued for who they are, and their contribution is recognised and celebrated. The opportunities for leadership, for public speaking, for performance, for creative expression, and for sports and outdoor activities are many and varied, and coupled with our focus on supporting the individual, the result is that students feel happy, and are given the confidence to run their own race – to embrace challenges, to be grounded, resilient and to flourish in whatever walk of life they may choose.

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