Yellow Brick Road Nursery


“We’re just different – because everything we do is ‘from the heart’! Caring for other mother’s children is the greatest responsibility and being certain each and every moment that the children are always safe, lovingly cared for, nurtured and educated all in one.”


Lovingly and professionally caring for Dubai babies and children since 2001.


The UK National Curriculum the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS) is blended with the influence of the famous and inspiring Reggio Emilia approach. Reggio is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It is a pedagogy described as student-centered and constructivist that utilizes self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The programme is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery through a self-guided curriculum. At its core is an assumption that children form their own personality during early years of development and are endowed with “a hundred languages”, through which they can express their ideas.


Caring for babies from 45 days and educating toddlers and young children up to the age of 4+years.


Organic breakfast and lunch meals are provided each day for all the children and the Nursery hours are from 7am until 6pm Sundays to Thursdays. Open everyday throughout the year except for Government holidays.