Ajman Modern School


Ajman Modern School has served the community since 2005, teaching the New York State Curriculum to its impassioned and diverse student body. 


The school is committed to ensuring all students have a developed understanding and appreciation for the core subjects: mathematics, science and English. Alongside our focus on the latter, Ajman Modern School is committed to aiding students in advancing their appreciation for the UAE National Agenda and promoting Arabic, Islamic studies, social studies and moral education as part of this comprehensive program. As well as this, students partake in electives to create a well-rounded learning experience.


The School is owned by an experienced team who put the children first and our Board of Governors work to ensure this student-focused vision is continuously implemented. Such a diverse leadership community allows Ajman Modern School to operate to its maximum potential.


We aim to prepare children for life beyond school, by providing them with the qualifications and skills to thrive in whichever path they choose to pursue. Each child will leave Ajman Modern School with a strong academic and personal foundation, guaranteeing success. By working to identify each child’s unique strengths and fostering a culture of learning and understanding, we are confident in creating the model citizens of the future.

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