Safa British School

Our Vision

“Our vision is to create a school that unlocks the potential of every child”

At Safa British School, we educate and nurture the whole child, providing opportunities for each child to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities in a variety of areas including emotional, spiritual, academic, cultural, moral, linguistic, creative and physical. We create a culture of achievement within a vibrant and stimulating learning environment ensuring positive reinforcement at all levels of ability through appropriately differentiated expectations.

Your Mission

In this, your school, you will discover the confidence to explore the strength of your imagination and sometimes even the power to overwhelm.

You will come to enjoy the surprise of inspirational achievement and the experience of sharing it together.

You will learn to expect standards of yourself you didn’t think you could reach. Everyone will expect the best from everyone else.

You will understand more the uniqueness of you and about each person’s special place in our community and the wider world.

When the time comes for you to leave, our aim is that you will take with you the memory of a remarkable journey and a determination to go on to be the best that you can be.

Safa is a school that unlocks your potential for you to

“Dream Big”
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