Al Zuhour Private School


Al Zuhour Private School is one of the contributions to traditions and celebrations of the different cultures and beliefs in the community. Our relatively long school history has been an example of our ultimate goal, our children and families. This is achieved by instilling such Islamic values as accepting diversity, respecting the individual, and working together while following the best there is in American education.

Al Zuhour Private School was established sixteen years ago to serve the needs of the community by directing our efforts towards the benefit and education of our children. We have a clear mission; assisting students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful and responsible contributors to society.

We not only give our students strong academic skills, but also guide them to become young individuals of sound character. As educators we achieve this aim by providing them with standards of academic program while facilitating life skills such as perseverance and cooperation. You are welcome to explore our school not only to discover what we offer in academic excellence, but also what we provide to build qualified individuals who will successfully overcome the future challenges in our world.

The administrators and teaching staff of Al Zuhour Private School are proud to be professional , compassionate and qualified persons who are always willing to help whenever help is needed.

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