Al Ittihad Private School - Al Mamzar


Al Ittihad Private School Al Mamzar (IPS-M) stands as a beacon of educational excellence, blending the American Curriculum with Emirati Culture, Character, and Philosophy. Our approach is as unique as it is impactful.

At IPS-M, we are committed to preserving local culture and heritage while instilling core Islamic values in our learners. We strive to equip our students with the competencies, confidence, and competitive skills needed to thrive in the modern world, all while upholding our religious principles.

Our school is a fully inclusive learning community where every member is valued for their distinctive voice, purpose, and gifts. Tolerance is not just a concept but a way of life, deeply embedded in our daily interactions and activities as we navigate our Islamic beliefs within a contemporary context.

With strong bonds forged with our families, IPS-M is more than just a school; it's an extension of family life, where unity, respect, and understanding flourish. Join us at Al Ittihad Private School Al Mamzar, where education goes beyond the classroom to empower minds and enrich souls

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American curriculum
Accepts Credit Cards
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