Al Rasheed Al Saleh School


Al - Rashed Private School in brief

With the generous gesture of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, may God rest his soul, grant the school the plot of land on which the buildings of Al-Rashed Al-Saleh Private School was built on 14/9/1971. With it we have born our dreams and through more than four decades of tender . Our development stations were bright in more than one field and the results of our high school students achieved 100% success rates and topped the top ten lists on the state .

As they have won in many competitions and won the Sheikh Hamdan Award for excellence more than once, and we have to follow our harvest with a new Grass grows with our gifts . 

Our vision is

a distinguished school, graduating generations proud of its originality, preserving its identity and participating in building the future of its homeland

Our Mission

We look forward to providing high quality educational services that meet the challenges of the future in an environment conducive to creativity through an effective educational leadership and a qualified team that communicates effectively with students, their parents and the local community to participate in building generations that uphold religious values ​​and preserve national customs , With outstanding leadership figures contributing to its development.

Our Values

Citizenship: To cherish the homeland and deepen its belonging.
Excellence: Spread the culture of excellence and work to achieve in the system of teaching and learning.
Responsibility: You are all a shepherd and you are all responsible for his flock.
Transparency: Practices that facilitate communication with openness and flexibility.

Adopt and apply Al-Rashid Private School curriculum of the Ministry of Education with intensive curriculum in English and computer

Business Highlights
Accepts Credit Cards