Bricobilandia - Nakheel Mall


A LEGO® Oasis in the Desert

Bricobilandia Dubai isn't just a play center; it's a sanctuary of bricks and creativity where children can turn their imagination into reality. As little builders step into this LEGO® wonderland, they are greeted by vibrant colors, engaging activities, and an atmosphere that sparks the joy of creation.

Endless LEGO® Adventures

The heart of Bricobilandia beats with a love for LEGO®. From classic building blocks to themed sets and interactive exhibits, the center offers a spectrum of LEGO® adventures. Young enthusiasts can immerse themselves in constructing cities, spaceships, or even their dream worlds, fostering a love for design and engineering.

Educational Play: Learn Through Building

Bricobilandia Dubai believes in the power of play as a tool for learning. Each LEGO® activity is carefully designed to stimulate cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. The center's educational approach transforms playtime into a dynamic learning experience, where every creation is a step towards knowledge.

Themed Play Zones: Diverse Creativity Spaces

The center boasts themed play zones catering to various interests. From medieval castles to futuristic cities, children can explore diverse realms and let their imagination run wild. Each zone provides a unique backdrop for storytelling, collaboration, and the creation of intricate LEGO® masterpieces.

Celebrating Birthdays: LEGO® Style

Bricobilandia Dubai extends its LEGO® magic to birthday celebrations. The center offers tailored birthday packages, turning special occasions into memorable LEGO® adventures. From themed decorations to interactive games, every birthday at Bricobilandia is a joyous celebration of creativity and fun.

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