Step into a world of camaraderie and excitement at The Dabarkads Bar, nestled in the vibrant heart of the city. Here, we create an inviting and inclusive atmosphere where strangers quickly become friends and unforgettable memories are forged.

Experience the thrill of live entertainment as our talented performers dazzle you with exhilarating shows featuring music, comedy, and dance. Treat your palate to a mouthwatering selection of culinary delights and refreshing beverages, expertly curated to tantalize your taste buds.

With a lineup of themed nights catering to diverse preferences, there's always something exciting happening at The Dabarkads Bar. Whether you're looking to unwind after a hectic day or celebrate a special occasion, we promise an evening filled with laughter, joy, and the warmth of good company.

Business Highlights
Drinking Age Applicable
Full Bar Available
Happy Hours
Indoor Seating
Serve Food
Live DJ
Ladies Night
Special Events
Serve Alcohol
Live Music
Accepts Credit Cards
Public Parking
Smoking Allowed