Al Salama Car Wash - Zeez Outlet


At Al Salama Car Wash - Zeez Outlet, we understand the value you place on your car's cleanliness and maintenance. To this end, we have made it effortless for you to keep your vehicle in its prime condition, all within your own schedule. Our outlet, situated at 896H+5PW - Industrial Area 7 - Industrial Area - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates, has been strategically designed with direct input from our esteemed clients. It aims to facilitate our unique washing system and a plethora of other services.

But we're not just about keeping your vehicle spotless on the outside. We also offer a personalized interior cleaning service, express one, and even remove seats on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, we provide a secure oil and filter change for your vehicle to ensure optimum performance. Our polishing and sanitization methods leave your vehicle looking less like a mode of transportation and more like a gleaming gem.






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Car Wash
Interior Cleaning
Onsite Car Wash Service
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