Abdul Zahir Bashir


Discover Abdul Zahir Bashir group, an illustrious conglomerate that was initiated in 1994, located in Deira, Dubai, and has since grown into a global leader in the Automotive industry. Our organization is divided into three major divisions, each catering to Automotive, Machinery, and Consumer Electronics sectors.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as an esteemed international distributor of a variety of products, including authentic batteries, tyres, lubricants, and other machinery-related items, offering our services to numerous countries across the globe.

We are a major contributor of SMF and mf batteries from Korea and Spain, as well as dry-charged batteries, sourced from Thailand and Indonesia. Among our range of products, we showcase several esteemed brands including Delkor, Platinum, SBK, Falcon, and Royal - with these occupying the position of our flagship brands. Moreover, our collections extend to products from Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

Additionally, we are major tyre suppliers, with Good Ride, BKT, and Vikrant tyres being the major brands we offer alongside other renowned brands. In the realm of lubricants, we deal with SBK and Total, with our superior-quality lubricant under the brand SBK, made in the UAE.



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