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Founded in 2011 by Mr. Mohamed Al Zaabi, Royal Yachts emerged from his visionary pursuit to revolutionize the luxury charter market. Initially focusing on high-end luxury charters in the MENA region, Mr. Al Zaabi identified a growing demand for yacht brokerage services, leading to the development of Royal Yachts' brokerage activity.

Today, Royal Yachts offers an innovative approach that transcends traditional brokerage, delivering an exclusive, personalized, and comprehensive consulting service tailored to the most discerning clientele.

At the core of Royal Yachts' ethos is a commitment to understanding and elevating the client's experience, transforming the role from a mere broker to a trusted advisor and partner. By aligning with the client's lifestyle and aspirations, Royal Yachts facilitates seamless yacht management, charter arrangements, and purchase or sale transactions.

In recent years, yacht owners and enthusiasts have often encountered challenges in navigating the complexities of yacht ownership, transactions, and charter arrangements. Recognizing this gap, Royal Yachts introduces a new paradigm in yachting consulting, offering a highly professional service encompassing commercial, technical, and legal expertise. Backed by over three decades of experience and the proficiency of its team, Royal Yachts ensures a holistic approach to yacht ownership and enjoyment, empowering clients to relish the yachting lifestyle without the burdens of technical or managerial concerns.

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