Boom Battle Bar Dubai


Boom Battle Bar Dubai emerges as a thrilling epicenter of entertainment and competition in Dubai. This dynamic venue redefines leisure with its unique blend of activities, games, and social experiences. From axe throwing to augmented reality darts, and from mini-golf to a variety of other innovative games, Boom Battle Bar offers an exhilarating twist to conventional entertainment. It's not just about the games; the bar also boasts a lively atmosphere with a selection of delectable drinks and bites, making it an ideal spot for friends, families, and colleagues. Whether you're seeking an evening of friendly competition, a fun-filled group outing, or just a place to unwind and enjoy some unique entertainment, Boom Battle Bar Dubai is the go-to destination for an unforgettable experience

Business Highlights
Happy Hours
Indoor Seating
Serve Food
Live DJ
Ladies Night
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Serve Alcohol
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Accepts Credit Cards
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