Amelia, a jewel in the crown of Beirut's dynamic nightlife, first made its mark in the historic Mar Mikhael district. Nestled within a 500-year-old building, this Lounge Restaurant transformed into an exquisite destination, renowned for its outstanding mixology, gastronomy, and music.

Expanding its horizons, Amelia proudly takes its sophisticated charm to Downtown Dubai, making its home at the iconic Address Sky View. Stepping into Amelia, guests are enveloped in a retro-futuristic, steampunk-inspired ambiance, blending elegance with a feminine touch and an intriguing mix of aviation, machinery, and sophistication.

Our chefs invite guests on an extraordinary culinary journey, showcasing a blend of Japanese and Peruvian influences. Amelia's menu is a celebration of Nikkei Cuisine with Mediterranean nuances, offering a vibrant exchange of flavors and culinary diversity.

As mixologists, we uphold a legacy of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries with precise, almost scientific, cocktail crafting. Our expertise elevates the guest experience, whether through classic drinks, modern twists, or our unique signature cocktails.

Our DJs set the tone for unforgettable evenings, creating an eclectic musical tapestry that ranges from Ethnic and Lounge to Deep Tech, Afro, and Progressive House. Each night at Amelia is a meticulously crafted experience, aimed at creating lasting memories.

Amelia is more than a venue; it's a sensory adventure, uniting people in an environment of warm service and invigorating ambiance. It's where every visit is an engaging, multi-sensory experience, leaving guests longing for their next visit

Drinking Age Applicable
Full Bar Available
Indoor Seating
Serve Food
Table Booking
Live DJ
Special Events
Serve Alcohol
Accepts Credit Cards
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Reservations Recommended
Smoking Allowed