AAA Roadside Assistance


Emergency Roadside Assistance epitomizes a lifeline when vehicular mishaps occur, a service diligently extended by the esteemed Arabian Automobile Association across the UAE and GCC, round the clock, all year round. AAA embodies a professionally orchestrated entity at every echelon, ensuring a responsive and adept service delivery.


Our Operations wing, anchored by a Centralized Control Room, is steered by a cadre of seasoned, well-versed, and notably, customer-centric multi-lingual service representatives. Their proficiency ensures your distress calls are handled with utmost urgency and precision.


We are a proud fragment of the expansive AAA Group of companies, bolstered by a substantial fleet encompassing Multiple Car Carriers, Single Recoveries, Mobile Workshops, and Motorbikes. Our vehicular armada stands ready to tackle a spectrum of roadside exigencies, ensuring you a swift and safe resolution.


Being a quality-driven entity, the essence of continual enhancement is ingrained in our operational blueprint. Our aspiration is to elevate the calibre of services rendered, making every encounter with us a testament to reliability and professional excellence.


With AAA's Emergency Roadside Assistance, you're never alone on the road. Our vigilant eyes and adept hands are always at readiness, ensuring your vehicular adversities are transmuted into seamless onward journeys, no matter when or where they arise.

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