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Advanced Care Medical Center -Sonapur


Founded in 2008, Advanced Care Medical Center set out to deliver top-tier, yet affordable healthcare to the UAE's working-class populace. The journey began with the establishment of a medical center and pharmacy in Al Qouz industrial area, catering primarily to the local blue-collar workforce. Over time, driven by a strong vision and extensive healthcare expertise, Advanced Care Group has emerged as a healthcare paragon, offering exceptional medical services to a broader, underserved demographic.


Our commitment to high-quality standards, combined with our unique, custom-developed programs, has immensely benefited our corporate clientele, securing our position as a trusted and rapidly expanding healthcare provider. Presently, Advanced Care Group operates 19 facilities across the UAE, including medical centers, pharmacies, and drug stores. We are also planning to extend our reach by opening more family clinics in other Emirates, focusing on residential communities.


As our footprint grows, so do the challenges we face. Nevertheless, Advanced Care remains steadfast in its dedication to supreme quality care at every level. This unwavering commitment has earned us widespread acclaim and preference among various residential and corporate clients. With a team of dedicated medical professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we are deeply committed to your health and improving your quality of life.

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