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Neuro Spinal Hospital (NSH) has continually evolved since its establishment in 2002, emerging as a pioneering medical and academic institution in the region. Initially founded as the first private subspecialty hospital in the area, NSH has expanded its patient base and garnered a reputation as a dynamic center for complex neurosurgical, spinal, orthopedic, and rehabilitation diseases.

Today, NSH takes immense pride in launching the NSH Cyberknife Cancer Centre, a groundbreaking addition to healthcare in the UAE. This center represents the culmination of our commitment to excellence and innovation, offering the most comprehensive cancer care available in the country.

At NSH, we bring together expertise from across the globe and leverage cutting-edge technology to provide patients with access to the latest diagnosis and treatment options. With the introduction of the first Cyberknife in the country, we eliminate the need for patients to seek treatment abroad, offering a full spectrum of care—from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation—all under one roof.

Central to our mission are the values of compassion, excellence, and patient-centered care. We are driven by a noble purpose: to deliver the highest quality of care in a supportive and empathetic environment while striving to elevate the standards of healthcare throughout the Arab world.

At NSH, we are committed to serving our patients and their families with integrity, empathy, and professionalism, ensuring that they receive the best possible care during their healthcare journey.

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