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Founded in 2008, Advanced Care Medical Center's mission was to offer top-tier, yet affordable healthcare to the working-class population in the UAE. The journey began with the establishment of a medical center and pharmacy in Al Qouz industrial area, primarily serving the local blue-collar workforce. Over the years, leveraging vast experience and visionary leadership in healthcare, Advanced Care Group has evolved into a healthcare paragon, providing exceptional medical services to a broad spectrum of less advantaged communities.


Our adherence to high-quality standards, coupled with our bespoke, innovative programs, has greatly favored our corporate clientele, positioning us as one of the most reliable and rapidly growing healthcare providers in the region. Presently, Advanced Care Group operates 19 facilities across the UAE, encompassing medical centers, pharmacies, and drug stores. Future plans include expanding our services with more family clinics across various Emirates to cater to residential needs.


As our presence expands, so do the challenges we face. Nonetheless, Advanced Care consistently upholds its commitment to unparalleled quality at every level. This commitment has earned us widespread acclaim and preference among diverse residential and corporate clients. Our dedicated team of medical professionals, supported by groundbreaking technology, is passionately devoted to enhancing your health and quality of life.

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