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24 Hours Dental Clinic


24 Hours Dental Clinic holds the distinction of being Dubai's premier dental care provider that operates round the clock, every single day of the year, inclusive of weekends and all public holidays.


Since its inception in 2016, the clinic has been a beacon of convenience, easily reachable, with ample parking to ensure a stress-free visit.

Catering to a diverse clientele, we take particular pride in accommodating VIPs with demanding schedules, providing them with flexible, top-tier dental services outside conventional clinic hours.


No matter the hour, whether it's a midnight dental crisis or an early morning discomfort, our dental specialists are ready to alleviate your pain and address your dental needs promptly.


Our "after-hours" VIP Dental service is crafted for those who find traditional clinic timings challenging. Whether you need a routine check-up or advanced procedures like fillings, root canal treatments, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, or extractions, we guarantee premium care at your convenience.


Trust in our skilled team for immediate attention to dental emergencies, any time of the day or night.

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