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Established in June 2012, Boston Diabetes and Endocrine Center emerged as a vital response to the escalating diabetes crisis in the United Arab Emirates.

Diabetes stands as one of the prevailing health challenges in the UAE, with approximately 18.9 percent of Emiratis affected by the condition, and a significant portion remaining undiagnosed. In Dubai alone, nearly one in five adults grapple with diabetes, positioning it among the leading causes of mortality.

To combat this pervasive health issue, Boston Diabetes and Endocrine Center is dedicated to spearheading research initiatives focused on diabetes within the UAE. Our mission extends beyond treatment to encompass early detection and screening of diabetes among healthy individuals.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to community education efforts aimed at empowering individuals to effectively manage their condition and mitigate associated risks. At Boston Diabetes and Endocrine Center, our resolve is unwavering as we strive to raise awareness and enhance the well-being of society in the face of this prevalent health concern.

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