Le Petit Belge Dubai


Le Petit Belge is a tribute to the myriad small wonders that stitch the rich tapestry of Belgium's heritage.

Nestled here is a Belgian enclave where every soul can bask in the delightful essence of Belgian culture in its full spectrum. We transcend the ordinary; we are not just a restaurant, not merely a bar, but an unformal sanctuary of Belgian culinary and hop culture.


Le Petit Belge
Our stature as the tiniest country in Europe, as the French fondly label us, mirrors the biblical narrative of David, underlining the grandeur in our modesty.


L’ Ambassade Informelle de la Belgique
Our ethos stretches beyond being a mere eatery or tavern; we are the unofficial envoy of Belgian gastronomy and beer culture.

We curate unparalleled libation adventures by harmonizing the perfect hops with our culinary spread. Our Belgian hops are a league of their own, ranging from the celebrated labels to the rare and unseen gems. Through each sip and bite, we unravel the nuanced narrative of Belgium's vibrant culture.

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