Delta English School


Founded in 1992, Delta English School is a K-10 independent provider of Central Board of Secondary Education. As an early and pioneering CBSE provider in the United Arab Emirates, Delta English School is recognized for its advanced education engine, tradition of excellence and history of producing students who impact local and global communities. Delta English School honors its past to help create the future of education. With the strongest and most competitive academic programs in the country, Delta English School prepares students to become 21st century innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision is to become the leader and provider of the highest quality of education at a very affordable cost. We are committed to pursuing excellence in all aspects K-10 education through consistent research thus bringing forth innovation and differentiation. Our commitment to provide superior service quality and to partner with parents, make us the ultimate venue for your child's education.

Visionary thinking combined with impeccable virtue and versatility at DES resonates through its 9 core values:

o Our Students
o Our Team
o Alignment of Interests
o Differentiation and Leadership
o Growth
o Accountability and Transparency
o Integrity
o Research and Innovation
o Performance and Consistency

The heart of DES is its engine- a work of futuristic education crafted by the hands of innovative administrators, faculty, staff, students, and crowned by the iconic blue pyramid. DES has been engineering education for more than 20 years and have pioneered a portfolio of breakthroughs. The result is a school that can satisfy both the highest demands of K-10 education and the deepest desires of its individuals.

Delta English School is managed by Delta Education System, Houston, Texas USA.

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