Al Shorouq Private School


Since its establishment in 1986, Al Shorouq Private School has been an integral part of the Jumeirah community, nurturing generations of children and earning a cherished spot in the community's collective memory. Over the years, the school has adapted to evolving educational needs, focusing on equipping 21st-century learners with skills for lifelong learning.

Central to our mission is the National Agenda outlined by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This vision for 2021 encompasses fostering citizenship, entrepreneurial spirit, higher educational achievements, and a knowledge-based economy powered by innovation, research, science, and technology.

At Al Shorouq Private School, we are honored to contribute to this vision, recognizing our role in shaping the future of young individuals in our community. We embrace this responsibility with the utmost dedication and seriousness, committed to guiding our students toward a bright and successful future.

Accepts Credit Cards