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The saga of Trader Vic's commenced in 1934 with the inception of a quaint little saloon named Hinky Dinks, established by Vic "The Trader" Bergeron on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, California. However, it was a voyage to Cuba that honed Vic’s bartending prowess and unveiled the myriad nuances of global rums to him, setting the stage for a transformation.


Upon his return, Vic reimagined Hinky Dinks into a tiki-adorned tropical haven rechristened as Trader Vic's, heralding his foray into the world of rum-based concoctions. Being a visionary, he introduced sizzling plates of island-inspired fare, positioning Trader Vic's as one of the trailblazers in fusion cuisine within the United States.


The allure of Vic's tiki sanctuary burgeoned, catapulting Trader Vic’s onto the international gastronomy scene in 1963, with a celebrated launch at London's Hilton Hotel on Park Lane. This success echoed in 1994 within the Middle East, marking a series of triumphant restaurant inaugurations.


Fast forward to the present, the Trader Vic's brand boasts an expansive network of restaurants situated in 17 nations worldwide. It invites patrons to ‘Taste The World®’ through its eclectic culinary offerings and to revel in over 200 signature cocktails, epitomizing the original Tiki bar culture, only at Trader Vic’s – the abode of exotic flavors and vibrant heritage.

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