Al Amana Private School


Our reputation as a caring school with high discipline is well known and I hope browsing through our website will give you the flavor of our school and the activities our pupils follow.

Every child is important to us .Here at Al Amana we strongly believe that the important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn and we strive to achieve this by emphasizing the need to make the learning fun and exciting. We believe in the importance of teachers and families working together. Parent-Teacher partnership has worked wonders in establishing a strong bond leaving absolutely no communication gap.

Our cultural mix is a striking example showcasing a great degree of adaptability and mutual interaction among the pupils from different geographical backgrounds. Our handpicked faculty members drawn from various nationalities demonstrate a true international character.

Our intentions are clear and the goals are well defined, we want to produce responsible citizens of future with leadership acumen.

With the advent of more modernised thoughts and sophistication in all the walks of life, we are not compromising in any way with the Islamic values and religious education. Qura`n and Hadi`th teachings are of paramount importance which contribute to the spiritual development of pupils.

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