Amity Private School Sharjah


Children today live in a complex world and the challenges they will face tomorrow needs critical thinking and creative solutions. The lessons we teach will follow our students long after they have left the school.

Amity Private School Sharjah is part of a leading educational group in India distinguished by its 28-year heritage and culture of inspiring excellence. Based on the CBSE curriculum, Amity is a world-class school that accelerates every student’s learning and abilities to empower them to choose their own successful path and become global leaders.

Committed to the CBSE curriculum, the academic rigour and assessment system at Amity school in Sharjah is in-line with the highest standards of Indian education. Our teaching methods are engaging, challenging, interdisciplinary and taught by highly qualified teachers. We take great pride at being the inspiring force behind the 2017 Global CBSE topper.

Driven by the single purpose to make quality education within the reach of all, Amity Private School Sharjah sets the benchmark for quality education to shape the future of the next generation.

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