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GoFrogi Dubai

We make going out easy.

Frogi is an absolute party maniac and will take you on a night full of fun. Find the popular clubbing, a MUST go concert, or even a stand up comedy show. Gofrogi has it all – a cure to your boredom

Let Frogi take you out on a night of adventures.

If you’re looking for fun – Gofrogi has you covered. We have the best of nightlife & events and you can find the trendiest nights, ladies night, happy hour deals, and so much more.

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Why Gofrogi?

Discover what’s happening around town

Make events known or buy tickets to exciting music shows, regional events, stand-up comedy, and festivals. Find the trendiest night spots and mingle with party lovers into the early hours in your area!

Explore offers and special Events

Discover the best deals & offers in town - GoFrogi helps you have a great time without breaking a sweat!! We guide you to great happy hour deals, ladies night, and so much more.

Choose the right Event

With so many events, festivals and concerts taking place - finding the right one suited to your needs can be hard. That’s where GoFrogi comes into play. Follow our guide and view times, age restrictions, dress codes, genre, location and all other relevant details to ensure you choose the right event.

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