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Who is Frogi?

About GoFrogi

Once upon a time there was Frogi, an adventurous little frog who liked to travel the world and visit many different kinds of businesses in every city. Frogi kept a journal of his thoughts and impressions, and so he decided to share his opinions and experiences with you!

That’s how Go Frogi came to be! Go Frogi is a business listing/directory website where you can find honest and reliable reviews about various places in the UAE and all around the world. Frogi has written some of those reviews after having visited those places, while other reviews are written by locals and (human) travelers.

GoFrogi covers a multitude of great categories like laundry services, automotive car wash services, repair shops, beauty salons, spas as well as clinics, hospitals, schools, universities and more. We are also constantly studying the market and adding new categories all the time, so you will have no problem finding the right service for you!

So whether you’re a traveler who wishes to find the best places to stay or eat; whether you’re a local who’s looking for a specific business; whether you’re a new student and need to find more information about the university and the city you’re moving to, Frogi can provide you with all the information you need!

So welcome to GoFrogi! Let’s explore the world together!