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Dubai Dolphinarium

Making a Splash with Every Smile: Dubai Dolphinarium - Where Fun Meets Learning


Posted: 3 months ago | Nov 19, 2023 1:03

Dubai Dolphinarium attracts over 40,000 monthly visitors, offering unforgettable experiences with bottlenose dolphins and seals. Be amazed by their talents in singing, dancing, and acrobatics at the Dolphin & Seal Show.

But there's more - the Creek Park Bird Show, the region's sole exotic bird spectacle, features a range of birds and parrots in an action-packed presentation. Witness these intelligent birds in free flight, learn about their habitats and conservation, and debunk the myth of 'bird-brain'.

For an immersive experience, join the Majestic Dolphin Swim, where you can intimately interact with dolphins, enjoying activities like dorsal fin tows and belly rides.

Adding to Dubai's unique tourist attractions, we house the UAE's only Mirror Maze, a thrilling 5D Cinema, and more.

Our mission is to create lasting memories and learning opportunities, driven by a passion for excellence and creativity. We aim to be the leading family entertainment center in the region focused on marine life and animal interactions.

Our strategy revolves around building a strong, growth-oriented brand that remains resilient against external factors. Our goal is to provide unique, rewarding experiences to the millions who visit the UAE, thanks to our dedicated team and powerful brand identity.

Dubai Dolphinarium promises excitement, innovation, and challenge to all stakeholders, ensuring an exhilarating involvement