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Carzilla Auto Service has been a trusted ally to car owners across the UAE for many years, embodying a haven of unparalleled auto repair services. Our mission resonates with delivering superior quality auto repair solutions at competitive prices to the diverse vehicular populace of the UAE. Every engagement with our customers is navigated with a compass of budget-friendliness and satisfaction, aiming to cultivate enduring relationships.


Our proficient squad is a blend of professionalism and expertise, adept at handling a spectrum of vehicles including American, European, Classic, and high-end Japanese automobiles. At Carzilla, your car's optimum performance is not just a service; it's a passion that fuels our drive. The more you explore the roads, the less you fret about maintenance costs with us by your side!


Aspiring to etch our name as the zenith of automotive repair and service providers in the UAE, our vision encapsulates a trinity of core values - exemplary quality, cost-effectiveness, and a community of gratified, returning customers.


Our service portfolio is a comprehensive realm, enveloping a vast array of auto repair, service, and maintenance solutions. Our forte lies in General electrical and mechanical repair, facilitated within a professional auto body workshop. The mantra of no compromise on quality is what propels us to a remarkable 98% customer return rate.

Step into Carzilla Auto Service, where your car's well-being is translated into a journey of reliability, affordability, and above all, a testament to automotive excellence. Your quest for an impeccable auto service experience culminates here, where every rev of the engine echoes the meticulous care and expertise infused by the Carzilla team.


Business Highlights
Car AC Service
Body Shop
Brake Services
Glass Services
Oil Change
Suspension Repair
Tyre Services
Transmission Repair
Battery Service
Accepts Credit Cards
Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking
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