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Al Noor Polyclinic - Muhaisanah


Abeer Al Noor Polyclinic Muhaisnah stands as a prominent extension of the Al Noor Polyclinic group, located in the bustling center of Dubai. It represents our firm dedication to providing quality healthcare that is within reach for everyone. Our roots trace back to the establishment of our first clinic in Deira in 1995, where we began our mission to make healthcare services more affordable and widely available. From a modest beginning, we have grown significantly, now operating six branches throughout the UAE. Our growth is fueled by a commitment that transcends financial gainsโ€”our guiding principle is to enhance life quality and contribute to the creation of strong, healthy communities. At Al Noor, our dedication to our cause is unwavering, with a focus on making sure healthcare is accessible to all, thereby nurturing the collective health and prosperity of the communities we serve.

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